About Me

I am Michael Harris, the creator of The Everyday Marketer.I live in Danville Va.I am married to my very best friend, Sandra D Harris, and we have been marriedfor almost +30 years. We have 4 children, who are grown and have families of their own. There is Ed, Sha, Tonica, and Mike Jr. We have 6 grands, many adopted grands, and 1 great grand..I am the Overseer of our church Abdeel Temple where my wife Sandra, is the Pastor.I have been in the ministry for over 29 years. I am the son of 2 educators, James H Harris, Sr & Pattie T Harris. I have 1 sister Sandra, and 4 brothers, James Jr., Mitchell, Marcus and Tommy.I have worked almost all my life. Starting very early and at 6 years old, I started working on a tobacco farm with a great family named the Dodds. They had 5 sons whose first names all started with the letter M. There was Mark, Milton, Maynard, Maston and Martin. Since my name was Mike I fit in perfectly. I don’t even remember how I met them but the union was a perfect one because they treated me like a son. They were my 2nd family. And when I wasn’t working on the farm, on the weekends I workedfor a lady that owned our community store and there I helped pump gas, clean up,and my main duty was to walk the owners mother home after work. It was the coolest job for a kid, working 5 hours on the weekend. Making $1.50an hour. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but back then a buck went a long way.So between my tobacco money and the store money I thought I was making a fortune. So earning money, my own money, was instilled in me very early. Also as I got olderI started repairing and fixing up houses. I worked in the factory for over 27 years and about 14 years ago I got my first taste of online marketing. My rental business was a success and then I started my own income tax business called Harrio’s Fast Tax. And Harrio’s has grown every year since I opened it.I made descent money but when my back and legs started messing up, I realized I needed find another way to make money. Another way that wasn’t going to be physical.The very first business I got involved in was MCA, Motor Club of America. That was 14 years ago and while trying to learn just how the online businesses worked, I began to dig and dig to find out the truth of home based business. Now some 16 years later, after spending an embarrassing amount of money not gainingmuch traction, I finally began connecting to people who wanted to help me. And fromthat help I started making money. My main niche is Making Money Online and I know that is a huge niche. But when looking back over my life where making money was involved, I always had more than one way to make money. I later understood these other ways of making money were called streams of income. I had my tax business and my online business and they were growing. Later I added a hosting company to the business and then a traffic business as well. And I took on the Brand Name “The Everyday Marketer” because I wanted to share the things that were necessary to be done everyday to be successful online. So again welcome to my website, take a look around, and I am sure you will find something that you will like and something to help you build your business as well. Mike

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